In the past I have been made aware of many CSS frameworks but have never adopted and of them, preferring to create my own bespoke html and CSS, but over the last few days I have been developing my own lightweight, customisable and responsive CSS framework. I call in Just Grid, as it is just a simple grid system, and nothing else.

A demo of Just Grid can be seen here and downloaded from here.

Many grid frameworks you come across are based around a 12 column layout or 16 columns etc, in Grid you declare your own on an instance by instance allowing for greater flexibility with unlimited possibilities.

Grid also allows you to nest a row of columns with another column. The frame work is also responsive.

The column structure is implemented by applying 2 classes, the first is col (this will identify the element to be a column) and the second class is used to specify the required width.

An example class that applies the width is col4-1. The particular class states that you wish to use a 4 column system and for the element in question to use you 1 of these columns. a Class of col-4-3 would mean a column spanning 3 of 4 columns and a class of col6-3 would mean a 6 column layout with one element spanning over half of the width.

The framework is still in its early stages but I figured was developed enough to be released. Enjoy.